RuralHack is a research/action project exploring both the cultural and technological aspects of the relationship between open hardware and agriculture.

The aim is to facilitate access to the advanced technologies and precision agriculture at reasonable costs to allow farmers to create infrastructures and products.

Open hardware, along with open data, is designed to generate a new consumer logic related to ethical and shared values, abandoning the resource exploitation and the filed patents logic.


What is foodporn and what about its reasons. Infographic

It is impossible to ignore the incredible invasion of food and there's much talk about it in today's media reality. On television, movies, social...

The indiscreet charm of the foodporn #2

It is certain that foodporn triggers something in our brain. Some scientists believe that images of food only trigger the desire for the real...

Foodstock: A Rural Day of Peace, Food and Music

Foodstock è uno spazio di espressione per indagare attraverso le relazioni tra musica e cibo il valore culturale che questi due aspetti della vita...

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