NEORURAL FUTURES Speculative design for rurality in global scenarios


    NeoRural Futures is the summer school of the Speculative Edu research project: an intensive workshop about speculative design practices, applied to the future of rurality.

    What are the possible, imaginable and preferable futures of rurality?

    We live in globalized times: global phenomena profoundly influence local ones, just as local phenomena influence globality.

    How will rural environments change in the near future through the impacts of the global phenomena that are taking place in our planet, like climate change, migrations, new technologies, energy issues, the mutation of cities and of work and the transformation of economy?

    How will people live, move, communicate and relate between cities and rurality with these transformations?

    How will these changes reflect on people’s daily lives? On the objects they use everyday?

    Speculative Design, Design Fiction, Near Future Design and Critical design approaches will help us to create possible, preferable futures for rurality, and to narrate them through the objects and processes of our future lives.

    The **workshop Neorural Futures is free of charge**:

    participants will only pay for their travels  & accommodations in Rome.

    Coordinators: Salvatore Iaconesi & Oriana Persico; Alex Giordano

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