RuralHack Workshop: Open Source Hardware in Agriculture


    Here we are!  The 2018 edition of the RuralHack Workshop, a 3 day workshop through the uses of Technology in Agriculture, is about to start.


    RuralHack Workshop is a short ride through different cultural and technological aspects on how Open Source Hardware may change (possibly, in a better way) our relationship with local farming, and knowledge of plants in general.


    The workshop has different “stages”, or chapters. The very first one is an intro to Arduino and the Open Hardware Movement, addressed to the home-grower and urban farmer. Next versions of the workshop will feature drones presentations and hands-on workshop as well as machinery self-construction and network field scale-up.

    The best scenario for workshop chapter one is a small-medium greenhouse, connected to the internet. Field agriculture could be an option, but the experimental approach is not easily addressable for large fields. Summer may help, and a small vegetable garden will do fine.


    The final goal of a RuralHack is to get you hands dirty in the mud. Besides this, we’ll be able to teach a microcontroller to perceive (in several ways) the soil moisture levels, as well as temperature, humidity of the air and light. Eventually will get the boards to communicate in different ways and possibly trigger a water valve, as well as other sensors-triggered actuators (web cameras, etc) . The so-called “node” will be able to send his data to the closer node or serve it on a self-hosted website.

    You need to have ZERO knowledge in electronics, coding, computing, nerding whatsoever to join the workshop. Curiosity and love for nature, as well as a good level of ability to withstand failure are the only requests.


    The workshop is costing 250 € per participant, and cover accomodation / food for the two days and a half.


    You get:


    The workshop is going to be held at Località Incartata (SA),  from July the 6th to the 8th 2018


    • Afternoon/evening  day 1 – Ruralhack presentation and Arduino Introduction.
    • Day 2 – Intro to Arduino / Choose your sensor, combine them. Make them talk.
    • Day 3 – Tie data together, send them online, visualize them. Make tham working for you!

    Teachers: Davide Gomba, Alex Giordano.

    For more info and reservation visit the Eventbrite official website.