What is foodporn and what about its reasons. Infographic


It is impossible to ignore the incredible invasion of food and there’s much talk about it in today’s media reality. On television, movies, social networks, food is “served”, in fact, in every possible way.
In these cases we talk about foodporn, but what is foodporn? It is a term that, as described by sociologist Luisa Stagi, commonly defines the practice of photographing and sharing on social media images of food, even though it is now used to indicate in general media overexposure of food.
This is a very important phenomenon and at the time, for the word “food porn”, there are 19,500,000 results on Google, an entry on Wikipedia, a Facebook page with 2,713,143 like, 113,135,094 posts with the hashtag #foodporn on Instagram.

In the 1950s, Roland Barthes, in his Mythologies, commenting on the food-related content in Elle magazine, he wrote:

[A picture of food] offers fantasy to those who cannot afford to cook such meals

Something unattainable that, just like in pornography, stimulates imagination and fantasies. This is a little bit of the sense of what’s “pornography” of food.

But what does porn food mean today and what are the reasons behind such a big phenomenon? We offer an infographic to better understand the meaning and the reasons of #foodporn. If you want, you can see and download the infographic at this link what is foodporn.compressed

What is foodporn and why is it everywhere? Why is food so relevant today?

If the #foodporn topic stimulates your curiosity and you want to know more, do not miss the next appointment with this column, we will talk about the possible reasons why you enjoy watching food images.